Quality Policy

Quality means understanding the requirements and expectations of Customers and supplying them with products and services to satisfy their expectations and needs.

Quality means development, change and improvement.

To achieve the quality aim, the companys quality management system with defined quality objectives is set up in compliance with the international standard ISO9001:2008 and is subject to review for its effectiveness.

Our work is to be always consistent with this policy.

Safety Policy

General Statement of Policy

The Company is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and other people working in Yuen Long Manufacturing Plant and Lok On Pai Storage Facilities, and to ensure that the operation at both sites is carried out in a safe and efficient manner with due regard for the environment.

It is considered that safety and health are of the greatest importance and must have first priority over all other considerations. Therefore company employees and contractors are charged with the duty of carrying out all the work activities safely.

Every officer at the supervisory level is responsible for safety and health of employees under him/her and should ensure that safe working practices are made clear to all and are properly applied by means of providing information, training and supervision.

All employees are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of those working with them. They must observe and follow the company safety management system and all safety regulations that comply to relevant local health and safety legislation.

Supervisory staff of relevant contractor has to monitor their workers' performance on safety and health aspects in compliance with the company safety requirement.